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I'm worried about putting my photo on line?
Do not be worried. We can blur out your face so nobody will recognise you.

We also have a Bad client list so please ask for it.
If you have problems with bad clients then please send me your details and we can add his details to the list. Only escorts can request this list.

What is a verified photo?
A verifed photo is one which shows ur face clearly that is the same as the person in your add.

How do i verify my photographs?
You can e-mail a photo of yourself holding a large white sheet with "Dubai" written on it. I can then state in your add "photo verified" this photo must be the same person as in your add. It will not appear in your add.
We also accept non-verifed photos but we perfer verifed photos and so do our clients. You will attract more clients with verifed photos.

If you use non -verified or verified photos and if there is a complaint with proof that your add is fake.Then your add will be deleted without a refund. I'm an escort how much is it to advertise on your site?

Advertising Rates
Please contact us for rates
You can advertise before you visit to make contact with potential clients.

How do I apply?
Please follow the steps below:
If you do not have a website you can still advertise with us. If you are looking for work we are not an agency but we know one or two that we can pass your details onto.

E-mail with 4-5 photos maximum with your profile should include the following details.

Please ask for our different payment methods.
If you are unsure of the currency exchange rates check

All escorts advertised must send proof of i.d that they are over 18 only a passport or driving licence is accepted.


 Duration  Rates
 Entrance Page Photo  €25 + add rate
 Top Row 1 month  €225 (if available)
 Top Row 2 weeks  €125 euros (if available)
 Second Row 1 month  €175 euros (if available)
 Second Row 2 weeks  €100 euros (if available)
 2 weeks  €75 euros
 1 week  €60 euros
 1 month  €125 euros


 Duration  Rates
 Entrance Page Photo  €25 +add rate
 Top Row 1 month  €275 (if available)
 Top Row 2 weeks  €175 euros (if available)
 Second Row 1 month  €225 euros (if available)
 Second Row 2 weeks  €150 euros (if available)
 2 weeks  €125 euros
 1 week  €80 euros
 1 month  €175 euros

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Portrait image size: 465 X 595 px.

Landscape image size: 955 X 380 px.

Images larger than 1.8 MB will not upload.
Supported formats: JPEG, GIF, jpg, JPG etc.
Banner size: 468 X 60 px.
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Why Is It Important For Dubai Escorts To Advertise Online?

If you are an escort that is serving customers in Dubai or acting as a travel escort to men that are traveling from Dubai to other countries, you should consider advertising your services online. Today, most men prefer to search for their escorts online as this gives them complete privacy and they can select their escorts very conveniently right from their apartment or hotel room. By advertising your services online, you can take advantage of these customers that are searching for Dubai escorts online.

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